The Goal: One trillion people on Earth, moon and Mars in the year 3000, with twice the wildlife on Earth as existed in the year 2000.
Purpose: To calm down the 21st century by producing a clear plan for survival with Abundance that people can readily comprehend and align with.
The Trillion Plan is the plan for the survival of the human race--and the title of a book I am working on.  Here is a general outline of the chapters being planned.
INTRODUCTION: Why do we need a Trillion People in y3K?
  Overpopulation is a lie.
  Why the lie is devastating.
  Benefits of the Trillion Plan
Chapter 1.  How fast could we reach a trillion population?
  Only a century
  We need a longer-term plan to settle the human race down
  Thousand Year Plan--how to reach the trillion in a thousand years
  1000 years is future enough for the 21st and 22nd centuries
  By 2500, we will need a longer-term plan. Why this is their problem. Confidence they can solve it. Billion year plan.
Chapter Two--Double your family in a century.
  How to choose family size so every family is included in the plan for growth--except criminals harming persons or property.
  Pro-life eugenics--extra children for the best, harming or killing not needed.
  Abortion is not necessary.
Chapter 3: Law
  What is Law
  What is needed
  Communism's contribution: Planning
     Really means big banks
        has been an enemy, can be very positive
        amortization of loans
        learning how to manage fiat money for a more powerful private sector
    Free Enterprise
       Most in tune with human nature
       Does have some limits
  Optimum government
Chapter 4: Freedom or Liberty
  Essential to happiness
  With freedom comes responsibility--necessity for individual ethics
  Government must honor and preserve liberty
  Limit: "Your freedom to swing your arm ends at the tip of my nose."
Chapter 5:  Family and sexual matters
  Homosexuality kills;
    therefore is an enemy of the trillion plan.
    government should only get involved as public health is affected
    need freedom of religion in respect to this subject
  Heterosexual perversion:
    Anal sex kills
    Fornication and adultery kill,
      torture men, women and children;
      produce unwanted infants
  Divorce drives children mad
    Present divorce rules destroy men, women, children and society
  Compatibility: Society's need to help young people form strong successful marriages in the first place.
Summary: Strong marriage laws are need for the well-being of society to make the trillion plan possible.
Chapter Six: Non-cooperation
  The trillion plan is based primarily in individual decision. Abortion and other forms of violence are not needed to make every individual conform to some bureaucrat's plans.
  Strongly religious people average far more children than do agnostics or weaker forms of faith. This is a good thing, so long as the group as a whole is reproducing at a rate generally consistent with the Trillion Plan.
  Some groups are reproducing like rabbits at the start of the third millenium. All these are poor and have needed high birth rates to overcome high death rates. No action need be undertaken against any such group now. In 2050 or so, if there are any groups over 50 million in size, still reproducing at a rate that constitutes a weapon against the rest of mankind, then any such groups need to be persuaded that they can grow and flourish without harming anybody else.
Chapter 7: Longevity: A positive asset.
  Lengthening generations means we can have more children per family and still keep our doubling rate over a century.
  Lengthening generations means future plans can be longer in time and still allow each family more that two surviving children on average.
  Greater wisdom with more experience.
  The trillion plan is about abundance, not poverty, and that includes bodily health.
    the drug company trap
    HSA and other aspects of Health and Life insurance
    Vitality at older ages essential to enjoy or approve of any longer span.
Chapter 8: Conservation and enhancement of wildlife
  In 2006, most "green" organization have been taken over by big oil and other corporate interests
    Tend to be more harmful than beneficial to the biota of Earth.
    Scorecard of organizations
    Promotion of the good ones, and rescue of the classic ones
  Superrenewable fuels (carbon fuels such as oil and coal) increase the life of Earth, and are a major part of theTrillion Plan
  Sonic Bloom is the greatest Plant-Growth breakthrough currently.
    Large effects
    Improved nutritional content
    Epigenetic solutions to many plant animal and human problems.
Chapter 9: Why the UN must be destroyed
  Founded by Soviet-style communism, including Hiss and other Soviet agents in the USA.
  Rotten at its core
  Can only be led by an antiChrist
Chapter 10:  The Olympic Games expanded to include Trillion Games to encourage and inspire rather than govern and suppress mankind.
Chapter 11: Trillion Farm
  40 acre demonstration city/farm 
  needs 2500 people producing all their own food
  must be beautiful/ luxurious
  must include plenty of meat: the message cannot be that more people equals poverty.
Chapter 12: Summary
  Population problems can be solved by only two methods: wars and disease, or by cooperation and harmony. The war approach constitutes continual suffering of great magnitude that nobody wishes upon his own children.
  The harmony approach provides a fascinating future that incorporates the best of all existing approaches. It is practical. It gives strong new hope for all the peoples of Earth.