SuperRenewable Fuels

Fossil fuels burn to carbon dioxide and water--which are then renewable forever
One of the biggest obstacles to reaching a Trillion people seemed to be the fact that the Plant grower machines used electricity to grow all the grass. Since the fossil fuel on Earth is believed to be limited, we would soon run out of energy, and then we could not have our living room sprouters any more.
Then I saw a documentary put out by the Western Fuels Conference called "The Greening of Planet Earth." It looked at the results of 20th century carbon emissions--what were we  doing? The answer--increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth. The video showed increased forest growth, increased grain production (food) and other examples of plants growing faster in increased concentrations of carbon dioxide.
"Environmentalists" screamed. Any web search for this video will turn up dozens of articles complaining that the video was funded by coal interests. This is a classical logic fallacy called "poisoning the well," which means a personal attack on the source of information, instead of dealing with facts. Two can play that game--research on environmental organizations shows that they get a lot of funding from Big Oil, which uses them to stop exploration, etc--so that they can jack up oil prices. This ploy has been very successful (drive by any gas station to see)--but what are the facts?
Once the carbon dioxide-grows-plants idea was pointed out on the video, it was a matter of course. We all learned in elementary school about photosynthesis, the basis of life. In the sunshine, plants turn carbon dioxide (and water) to sugar, animals eat the plants, and people eat both plants and animals. Carbon dioxide is the basis of all life on Earth. Releasing more Carbon Dioxide from fossils has meant rainforest growth, the regrowth of many of America's forests, a reduction in world hunger, and many, many other blessings.
Those who call carbon dioxide a pollutant call Life a pollutant. I am profoundly offended--Life is GOOD! Who are these people? The heads of Big Oil companies, who are using scarcity thought to drive up oil prices. And those who believed their propaganda.
The rank-and-file gas station owner knows carbon dioxide is good and feeds plants. They are tired of being looked down on as greedy, when very few products have the benefit they do--all life on Earth increases.
We know that wood is a renewable fuel, because it burns to carbon dioxide, and sunshine makes new trees. Fossil fuels--and only fossil fuels--are superrenewable, because their carbon is locked in the earth until they are burned, and only then do they become renewable fuels. This is one cake you can have, too--only if you first eat it. Burn all the fossil fuels you can--and use the term "Super-renewable" to refer to them.