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The  Global Warming Lies hurt all life on Earth

The Globaloney lie is not merely expensive. It kills living things too, not counting the costs of less refrigeration or heating and so on. It kills wild things.

It reduces carbon dioxide--and all multicellular life on Earth depends on photosynthesis from carbon dioxide.

It will shorten your life expectancy if Algore reduces carbon dioxide. As a physiologist I inform you that your stimulus to breathe is carbon dioxide in the blood, NOT oxygen. Our present atmospheric CO2 levels are low, causing our breathing and oxygen uptake to be lower than optimum.

It may encourage the use of nuclear fuels. Like Algore, the nuke industry lies to us and to themselves. They pretend they release less radioactivity that they do, and sweep under the rug all the neonatal deaths and miscarriages they cause (believed to be a million American deaths so far). Sternglass also presents evidence that those who seem unharmed on the surface may be injured as well, providing evidence that radioactive element release may lower the IQ of the nation's smartest. Fallout from atomic bomb testing cost us half of those who would have scored above 700 verbal from 1957-born Americans, an enormous cost. Radioactive releases also occur from normal operation  of nuclear power plants.

It distracts biologists from finding the real causes of ecological damages. They just blame whatever they see on the nonproblem of warming--even when temperatures are dropping.

It misdirects efforts to make coal plants clean. The current "clean coal"  efforts are to reduce life-giving carbon dioxide--ignoring the very real pollutants of mercury and sulfur dioxide. Mercury is a neurotoxin reducing everyone's intelligence, causing mini-strokes, increasing sensitivity to vaccine damage such as autism and so on. Sulfur dioxide causes acid rain. 

It may lead to crazy schemes like putting metal particles into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight. Now, that really would change the climate--and the change could not be favorable. The metals are biologically damaging in themselves, as well.


[1] Sternglass, Ernest, 1981 Secret Fallout: Low-Level Radiation From Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island, McGraw Hill. Available on  the web as free PDF download