--Life Grows--

The Trillion Plan:  Life Grows


Destroy the Overpopulation Lie

   which crushes the heart


   in endless Art


By promoting Truth

The Earth Could Hold a Trillion People with 20th Century Technology

   Repudiate Death

   Affirm Life


By Including All

   Stop war

  End Racial strife


End discouragement, demolish crime

By restoring Honor to each one's time:

   You aren't hurting the Earth by Being Alive.


So increase the Numbers, Variety, Joy and Vitality

of all Living Things

Including Yourself and Mankind


Use Sonic Bloom® and Fossil fuels

To raise the carrying capacity of the Earth

To at least 10 times the biomass of Y2K

   More Animals

   More Plants

   More Wildlife

Using Moderation to Give us a Thousand Years

Reaching a Trillion People in Y3K.


This is the Trillion Plan


Esther M. Cook


10/22/ 2007

In the 1970's, I saw a machine the size and shape of a refrigerator filled with racks of grass. Two of those would provide all the fodder for a horse or cow. Then three or four in a living room would feed a family of six--including feed for their chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat. I soon calculated that the world could hold a Trillion people--with half the land set aside for wildlife. The world is NOT overpopulated.
The Overpopulation Lie makes people think that their existence is an offense to Nature. Combined with an excess emphasis on Competition for Survival (which is really accomplished through cooperation), many young people are discouraged to death, while crime and wars multiply. In 2006, the Chinese Military believes that China will "implode" if she does not get more land--so they are planning to kill 100 million to 200 million Americans in about 2010 or so in order to steal our land. They believe they have no choice.
 Nothing is more important right now than exploding these twin evils (overpopulation and competition) for the lies they are, giving both China and all Mankind more appealing options.

After deciding that the world could hold a trillion people, I calculated how long it would take to reach that number if we had as many children as we could. We would get there in only a century. Then we really would be overpopulated, and war and crime would return. We need a lot more future than that.

So the target is to double every century for the next several centuries, while increasing our longevity, and then double every two centuries, until we reach a Trillion people in the year Y3K (3000 AD). We will also be working to enhance wildlife so that there is at least twice as much nondomesticated life in that year as compared to the year 2000.

It is worth noting that our moderate approach to population growth has some things in common with both zero-growth advocates and those who are working on viruses, etc. to reduce world population: all these population approaches believe that humans must control their reproduction rather than breeding like mindless beasts. The trillion plan's gentle approaches should appeal to these people as positive and doable.

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What's New?
11/24/07 Oil may not be fossil fuels. The Russia-Ukraine theory says petroleum oil can only be produced under the high-pressure conditions of the Earth's mantle, not in the crust where fossils are. Using this uderstanding, we have a LOT more oil than once thought. Russia used this theory to find enough oil to go from oil-poor to a major oil-producing nation. For general or detailed information on science economics and politics go to the link:
2/21/07 Lecture given at Denver University, by Dr. Chinguo Jia, a Cornell PhD who is now a professor at China's greatest University on the subject: China's views on international relations and justice.  Summary: there is no consensus at the top nor among China's people. Many think militarism and a zero-sum approach to other nations constitute "Realism," but more realize the importance of multicultural inputs to the creation of weatlh, understand win/win concepts, and think bully nations disgrace themselves. Dr. Jia believes China's approach to the 21st century will be mostly peaceful.
12/31/2006 Mission statement revised; posted to this site Jan 6, 2007
12/2006 Stanford University's website includes a synopsis of plant growth research indicating that higher levels of CO2 in the air reduce growth and weaken drought resistance. These results contradict those of other scientists, as well as common sense, which indicates that since CO2 and water are transformed into sugar in the chloroplast in the presence of sunlight, then more plant food should mean more growth.
   But who do you think will get the most funding?
6/28/06  Westword has an article on Global Warming, about a scientist who has trouble getting funding because he disagrees with the General Panic on the subject. He is a hurricane expert.
6/17/06  First Creation of the Official Website of The Trillion Plan.